Technoscience UK

Financial Trading Systems Consultancy

From user to exchange, Technoscience UK Ltd. has provided complete trading-room systems support and software consultancy since 1996 to:
  • Reuters (Berlin)
  • Bankgesellschaft (Berlin)
  • UBS (London)
  • Morgan Stanley (London)
  • BNP (London)
  • Commerzbank (London)
  • CSFB (London)
  • RBS (London)
  • Goldman Sachs (London)
  • Société Générale (Paris)
  • ABN-AMRO (London)
  • Aviva (Norwich)
  • Excel® xll add-ins

    Using C#, these late binding, multithreaded, Excel® add-ins can be run without the need for any administrator or local-admin permissions. For more details please go to: